Welcome to Expecting and Beyond

We are proud to offer you comprehensive, evidence-based, and unbiased education for expecting parents.

Our services grew out of a partnership between a Certified Nurse Midwife and Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner working together to help educate expecting parents.

Together we’ve teamed up to guide you through this journey, and offer you all the things to make your pregnancy, birthing, and parenting experience memorable.

Our Experts

Dr. Kristine Ruggiero and Dr. Meredith Scannell have 40+ years of clinical experience (General Pediatrics, Birthing Centers, Labor and Delivery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Emergency Medicine, Acute/Primary Care Pediatrics, and other various Inpatient and outpatient settings). Combined they have also written and contributed to numerous books, journals, magazines and other publications, reaching audiences both nationally and internationally.

Below is a glimpse of some of their publications highlighting their expertise on maternal and child healthcare information.


Pregnancy, childbirth and parenting classes

Get ready for your spectacular journey through pregnancy and beyond. Our healthcare experts will guide you through pregnancy, newborn and parenting care. We help guide you by engaging your mind and preparing your heart for the journey ahead.

You will also find some great information available on pregnancy and newborn for free to help you get started on your journey.

What can you expect from our courses?

  • You’ll have the best information. This course is approved and endorsed by Certified Nurse Midwives and Pediatric Nurse Practitioners providing you with the latest evidenced-based recommendations throughout your pregnancy journey and into motherhood.
  • You can learn at home. Many of our classes are designed virtually, allowing you to learn in the comfort of your home, and with the video modules, you can learn at any time and at your own pace. We also have the option of holding virtual one on one classes if you prefer private and individualized classes.
  • You will have fun. Our instructors enjoy teaching and using a variety of teaching methods to ensure those with different learning needs are met. We use videos, images, illustrations, and case scenarios in which you can relate to. There’s also an option for a booklet which will be sent out prior to starting your course. Experts can also be available for consultation/questions throughout the birthing process.
  • You will have your questions answered. Our instructors are committed to answering all of your questions so that you have the confidence and knowledge you’ll need to feel successful on your journey.

Partners and Affiliations

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