Childbirth Classes during Covid…what are my options?

pregnant woman wearing white dress

Being pregnant during Covid can be especially trying and stressful.  With Covid redefining how we do things and our already busy schedules, what can expecting moms do?

Research shows prenatal classes are strongly recommended for pregnant, first-time parents…

See our new Childbirth Education Services Offered Virtually at Expecting and Beyond

Luckily, Expecting and Beyond ( has you covered.  Our online classes are offered both virtually through online live webinars as well as recorded lectures.  In addition, we also offer personalized one on one meetings. 

We provide downloadable course materials that’s yours to keep as well as free access to monthly Q&A sessions with other expecting moms hosted by a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Midwife for up to 1 full year after you’ve signed up. 

This is great as a resource for moms after they’ve given birth or as they come closer to their due date as a refresher course.

Many also accept FSA/HSA/HRA card payments; check with the organization about their policy before registering. Besides never having to leave your house to attend these classes, one of the best parts about learning birthing techniques online is you can go at your own pace.

Here are some of our favorite online prenatal and childbirth classes:  

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