Meet the Co-Founders

Dedicated Healthcare Professionals

The mission of the Expecting and Beyond is to enhance the lives of women in knowledge throughout their childbearing ages. We believe that knowledge is essential for healthy lives, especially for mothers, pregnant women, and those trying to become pregnant.  We strive to provide services that enhance women’s knowledge, empowering them to be knowledgeable and active participants in leading healthy lives. In a world bountiful information, it is important to have leading experts by your side.

Meet the Co-founders

Dr. Meredith Scannell and Dr. Kristine Ruggiero together have over 40 years of healthcare experience. Kristine is a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Meredith is a Certified Nurse-Midwife and Certified Lactation Specialist. They are both advanced practice nurses and each hold PhD’s in their respective fields. Their clinical expertise extends from general women’s health throughout pregnancy and motherhood and into pediatrics. They have taught nationally and internationally and are dedicated to improving the lives of others. They are publicized authors and have had their work shared globally on a wide range of topics.