The Different Ways to Wrap and Swaddle your Newborn

meredith_babyDid you know that there are many ways to wrap and swaddle your newborn? Infants under 2 months of age discover swaddling really soothing since it reminds them of the snug feeling of being in the womb. If your baby is fussy, you could discover that swaddling will certainly relax her down. Select a level, firm surface that is broad enough that your baby cannot wiggle off. Lay the blanket down so that it’s shaped like a diamond with among the corners pointing toward you.

Fold the top corner to about a quarter of the means to the center of the blanket, and put the child on her back with her head above the fold of the blanket. Your newborn will certainly prefer to be wrapped with his/her arms firmly by her sides, however, ensure his/her legs have space to move up and out at the hips. Wrapping the lower body too snugly may contribute to a condition known as hip dysplasia.

Think about each corner of the blanket at a time on the clock with baby’s head at 12 o’clock. Take the 9 o’clock corner and cover it around the baby’s right arm and belly, tucking it firmly under her back. Pull the 6 o’clock flaps above infant’s left shoulder and tuck it under. Take the last 3 o’clock flap. Wrap it around the baby’s left arm, belly, around the back and go back to the front, tucking the loose end in the top fold on the baby’s front.

Presto! Your own child burrito.

Watch these amazing videos that demonstrate some of the different ways to wrap and swaddle your baby.








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