When to call your pediatrician

By Bonnie U. Gruenberg, via Wikimedia Commons

By Bonnie U. Gruenberg, via Wikimedia Commons

A birth of a child is one of the most memorable experiences for many women and families. The birth of a child is a very complex period for the individuals involved. It requires many adjustments on the part of the new mother, the new baby, partner and families. With these adjustment come many questions. Before the baby arrives you should pick out a healthcare provider for the newborn and set up an appointment. It is important to do this before hand incase there are any concerns that develop and to see if both you and the healthcare provider like each other. After the delivery you will be given lots of information of when to call you baby’s doctor, these are just some of the times when you need to call your baby’s doctor:


Call your baby’s Healthcare Provider if:

  • Your baby has a fever greater than 100.4.
  • Your baby is not waking up on for feedings and seems too tired or sleepy to eat or is not interested in feedings.
  • Your baby has projectile vomit, it is normal to spit up a little but it is not normal for large amounts or if it is projectile.
  • Your baby coughs often during the day or chokes often during each feeding.
  • Your baby’s eyes are red, swollen, or have a yellow sticky discharge. This may mean that your baby has an eye infection, which needs treatment.
  • Your baby has redness, discharge, or swelling from the umbilical cord.
  • Your baby’s penis is red and swollen after circumcision or if there is yellow or green drainage that smells bad.
  • Your baby is very fussy, crying more than normal, and does not clam.
  • Your baby’s skin or eyes turn yellow.
  • You have questions or concerns about your baby.


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