Natural Methods to Increase Your Fertility

Did you know that there are many methods you can implement to increase your fertility and chance of pregnancy?

Natural methods for increasing fertility are some of the best and most effective measures you can take to achieve pregnancy. Did you know that 80% of couples who try to conceive will do so within the first year? And couples who engage in natural methods to increase fertility will have an even better chance to conceive?

When it comes to difficulty conceiving, what many individuals may be experiencing is known as ‘subfertility’ and not necessarily infertility. When you’re dealing with fertility issues and challenges, having expert guidance is essential in a time that is stressful and overwhelming—that’s where Expecting and Beyond can help.  Dr. Scannell is an experienced Nurse-Midwife and shares her expertise on the top 10 most common natural methods to increase fertility. These tips and techniques will help you gain insight and allow you to feel empowered in your fertility.

What can this course do for me?

This course is designed for anyone who is having a difficult time with conceiving and anyone looking to gain better insight into some skills and techniques you can implement to improve and increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Dr. Scannell will discuss the major causes of infertility and subfertility. You will walk away empowered and will have the skills and tools necessary to engage your partner in your journey to conceive.

Expecting and Beyond has everything you need when it comes to starting or building your family.  Our online classes are offered both virtually through online live webinars as well as recorded lectures.  In addition, we also offer personalized one on one appointment, which offer you the privacy you need. 

Dates and Times

December 8, 2020 6:00pm-7:30pm (EST)

December 22, 2020 7:00pm-8:30pm (EST)


“I was so surprised by the basic steps I can take to help to increase my chance of getting pregnant. I was struggling for a few months and after some simple changes I became pregnant and now the mom of an adorable baby boy”.

-Lisa age 42

“I never realized how some of my lifestyle habits impact my chance of getting pregnant. This course helps so much in identifying what I need to do to improve my health before becoming pregnant”.

-Kimberly age 34