The postpartum period starts right after you have had your baby. Most times your body will take 6-8 weeks to return back to the pre pregnancy state, this is called involution.

Sometime this period can be longer up to 12 weeks in some cases. Having your postpartum check-up will allow your healthcare provider to monitor and check for things that are and are not part of the normal process.

When you had a vaginal delivery your healthcare provider usually will want to see your around 6 weeks postpartum and if you had a c-section then your provider usually will want to see you around 2 weeks postpartum and 6 weeks postpartum. You will find that it can take time to heal after having a baby and most women have lingering effects weeks after symptoms which is common.

Your healthcare provider may want to see you sooner and it is important to keep your appointment.

As you can see having postpartum symptoms is a normal occurrence that many women experience:

postpartum symptoms

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Here is a video with information on the postpartum period and health advice:


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