Hand expression of breast milk

by Anton Nossik

by Anton Nossik

It is not recommended that hand expression of milk be apart of the normal routine for breastfeeding mothers. However there are circumstances when this is necessary and steps provided can help during those circumstances.



  1. Wash hands, sit or stand comfortably
  2. Start by massaging the breast or nipple to stimulate the let down of milk
  3. Hold the container near breast under the nipple in one hand, or place the container on a counter and stand above it.
  4. With the thumb above nipple and areola, first finger below, press thumb and first finger slightly toward chest wall, gently squeezing her finger and thumb together and then release.
  5. Do not slide you finger and thumb down the nipple, you are trying to mimic the motions of the baby and the goal is to press on the lactiferous sinuses which are beneath the areola (these sometimes can be felt and feel like a pea).
  6. Should not hurt
  7. Continue for 3-5 minutes until flow slows
  8. Rotate thumb and finger and repeat to ensure entire breast is emptied
  9. May take 20-30 minutes to complete
  10. Repeat this on the other breast

Watch the video below for demonstration: