For the Women who doesn’t breastfeed

The decision to Baby_with_bottlebreast feed can be a very personal choice for women. There are times when breastfeeding is contraindicated; such is the case when the mom is taking medication and it could possible pass to the baby with breastfeeding. Other times breast feeding brings up emotions for women and it becomes an emotional turmoil to breastfeed which will impact the bond between the mother and baby.


1. Wear fitted bra such as a sports bra. A fitted bra will help with discomfort and minimize simulation of the breasts.

2. When taking a shower limit the amount of warm or hot water on your breasts. The warms and stilmulaiton of the water can cause leakage and stimulate mild producation. When taking a shower turn you back to the shower head so the the water is sprayed on your back and not on your breasts.

3. Limit breast stimulation or fondling. Any stimulation of the breasts or nipples can cause milk to leak. When being intimate with a partner try to limit touching the breasts and nipples.

4. Apply cool compress to breasts. This will help decrease milk production and help with discomfort. Avoid applying ice directly to the skin and only apply cool compresses for short interval periods of times, such as 15-20 minutes.

5. Cabbage leaves have been used to decrease milk supply. Apply a cool green cabbage leave to the breasts for 15-20 minutes then remove.

These are just tips to help decrease the supply of milk for the woman that is not breast feeding. If you have any questions or concerns then you should contact your healthcare provider.