couples in love

couples in love

Sexuality for women in pregnancy will differ for every woman. The hormones in pregnancy can increase or decrease your sexual interest. Additionally, as blood flow is concentrated around the pelvic region this can cause congestion and for some women their sexual interest intensifies significantly. For most women there is no contraindication for sexual activity while pregnant. Many women and men become fearful that having intercourse will cause a miscarriage or harm the baby. If a woman is having a normal pregnancy there is no contraindications or evidence that exists in the medical community to suggest that having intercourse will be harmful to the woman or baby at any stages in the pregnancy. Having sexual relations is important for many relationships and during the pregnancy period, both partners should express their desires and fears so that you develop and maintain sexual relationship.

Sometime you can develop vaginal spotting, this is normal if it is a small amount. In pregnancy the cervix has a large blood supply and can bleed a little in intercourse.

The most common complaint with intercourse is that it is uncomfortable when the women is in the supine position, especially after 20 weeks pregnant. Trying different positions can help with this or using pillows or cushions to support the growing abdomen. Another complaint is that the male partner doesn’t want to hurt the baby or feels uncomfortable. Trying different positions with your partner behind you may help with the partner who is uncomfortable.

It is extremely important for the women who is pregnant and is having sexual relations with multiple or different partners or with a partner that you know or found out is having sexual relations with others. You do not want to get a sexually transmitted infection (STI). STI’s can be extremely harmful and in some cases severely affect your baby. You should always practice safe sexual practices such as wearing condoms and seek out your healthcare provider if you believe you may have developed an STI.

What to expect with orgasms

Depending on where you are in your pregnancy a woman having an orgasm can elicit a few responses as your hormones peak when you are pregnant. You can start having contractions, especially in the third trimester.  These contractions can me mild to severe but do not last very long or continue on. Your breast can also leak mild if it has developed. This is most common in the postpartum period, but can be distressing for some women if you do not expect it. Sometime wearing a bra with pads in it will help with this during intercourse.

Your healthcare provider may suggest that you do not have intercourse if you have a complication and need pelvic rest, if this is the case you should ask about other sexual activities that will be safe for your condition.

When to call your healthcare provider:

  • If intercourse is painful
  • If you are bleeding large amounts or for a long period of time
  • If you develop vaginal discharge that is yellow or greenish
  • If you develop vaginal discharge that is foul smelling
  • If you develop discomfort, swelling or itching in the vagina
  • If you suspect you may have a sexually transmitted disease
  • If you suspect that your partner is having sexual relations with other people and need to be tested for sexual transmitted diseases.