Vaginal Discharge

Some women experience an increase in vaginal discharge as the pregnancy progresses. This is a normal process and can be excessive for some women as the pregnancy gets closer to the due date. Unfortunately there is nothing that will decrease the amount of discharge produced, however there are something you can do that will help and this should resolve once you are back to the normal state after pregnancy.


  • Use cotton underwear to help absorb secretions.
  • Some women will benefit from using a pad if there is excessive discharge.
  • Avoid using a tampon.
  • Avoid using a vaginal spray, powder, or other feminine products
  • Avoid wearing a g-string.
  • Avoid tights or tight-fitting pants.
  • Bathing vaginal area frequently with cool water.
  • Sexual relations can resume but your partner may notice the changes in the vagina.

If the discharge becomes foul smelling or notice any changes you should seek the advice of you healthcare provider to rule out some other health related issue.