Problems in Pregnancy

Screenshot 2015-01-06 21.04.00Sometimes things can go wrong or not as planned in pregnancy. If something just does not seem right to you, take the time to call your doctor.   If you experience heavy bleeding or other serious medical problems you should probably head to the emergency room, just to be safe.  Swelling of the hands or face should never be ignored, along with a racing heartbeat, continuous vomiting, fainting or shortness of breath. If you are concerned or worried that you are experiencing something that could be a problem you should contact your healthcare provider immediately.

At your earliest OB appointment, most likely you will hear a list of warning signs which indicate when you should call your healthcare providers or warrant a trip to the emergency room. If you notice any of the serious symptoms, seek help immediately. And keep in mind that the symptoms that indicate a problem will change throughout the course of your pregnancy.

Bleeding or pain during pregnancy

If you start to bleed, call your healthcare provider– While some women may experience spotting or vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, anything more spotting warrants a call to your doctor. Bleeding can be a sign of a serious condition, which can sometimes be reversed if caught early enough. If your doctor is not available to speak with you, you may need to go to the emergency room.

 Severe pelvic pain can be a warning sign Never ignore severe pains in your abdomen or pelvic area when you are pregnant. This type of pain may be abnormal and may be a sign of something seriously wrong. It could also indicate problems that will most likely require medical attention. Call your doctor if you experience this type of pain.

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