Expecting and Beyond COVID-19 Birth Plan Template


Expecting and Beyond is happy to share with you this birth plan  template. This template is meant to be a guide for you to think  about and share with your healthcare provider the items you desire for your birth. It is best  to review  this with your  healthcare provider before you go into  labor so that  your  expectations  can be met, and all your questions answered.


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a lot of anxiety and concern for expecting moms, especially when it comes to having birth in a hospital.

Unlike a lot of other birth plans, this birth template was developed by a certified nurse-midwife who has intimate knowledge of the unique circumstances mother need to think about especially the concerns around COVID-19. This will help guide you in the specific questions for you should to ask your healthcare provider so that you are more informed in what to expect when you deliver especially during COVID-19 precautions and restrictions.

This template is a working guide. There are specific items and questions for you to fill out and elaborate on for you to really think about certain aspects of the birthing process that is important to you. This template allows you to write these details down and share them with your healthcare provider. This will help you be well informed so that you can help to achieve your desired birth during a difficult time.

Your birth plan will help to enable those around you to facilitate your preferences and guide and support you through the birthing process as smoothly as possible.

A custom made birth plan is also a great gift idea for expecting mothers to help to minimize the stress associated with the lead up to of birth.

This birth plan comes as a pdf for you to download and write your answers and give to your healthcare provider.



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